We are at a crucial time for the future of our state.  A child born in the state of West Virginia is more likely to grow up in poverty than he or she is to get a college education.  Meanwhile, our political process has been taken over by out-of-state interests and big money influence.


From the time I took office, I have been fighting for the future of our state.  I have introduced legislation to curb the lobbying influences that plague our system of government. I have fought for the working class, taking to the House floor in vocal opposition to harmful legislation that takes our state backwards.


Young people are leaving our state at an alarming level. Those that remain default on their student loans at the third highest rate in the country. That is why I introduced the “State in the State Act” which finally gives an opportunity for recent college graduates to stay in West Virginia by providing tax incentives to employers for helping to pay down their employees’ student loan debt.  With this type of forward thinking legislation, we will have young people entering our economy at a younger age instead of opting to raise their families outside of their home state.  That is the forward thinking our state needs and the type of forward thinking I will always provide as a legislator.